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Push Back Payment for Inspections to Closing

The Pay-At-Close Program allows homebuyers to pay for their home inspection at the time of closing instead of at time of service.

Homebuyers who are either reserving on-hand cash, or hesitant to put large purchases on a credit card while the close is pending, now have a pay-later option to ensure a more comfortable home buying experience.

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Home appraisal fees are paid for at closing.
Why not inspection fees?

Short on Cash?

Excellent option for homebuyers limited on funds at time of inspection. Hold onto your cash for other more urgent purchases.

More of What You Need

Provides the ability to add more inspection services that are important for the home purchase. Order more services, get a bigger discount.

Budgeting Made Easier

Easier financial planning by having all home buying-related fees scheduled for payment on set date. Using one professional inspection service for all your  inspections means no juggling the checkbook balance.

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