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Termite Inspections


One swarm of termites can destroy large sections of the wood framing in a home in just months.​

Termite tunnels and damage can be completely hidden behind a beautiful wall with no indication of invasion until they swarm once per year. And by then, the costly damage has been done.

The average homeowner has never seen a termite, mostly because termites are very secretive and are not readily visible to the untrained eye. Termites can burrow 25 feet or more underground and prefer to spend their life underground – away from light and air. They are able to detect sources of heat and are often seen first near water heaters or furnaces in homes.


Does your home have conditions conducive to pests or wood rot?

Or perhaps it is already infested with termites but no damage is in plain sight. It's important to have your home regularly inspected for these conditions to ensure against costly structural damage. We use licensed termite inspectors to provide an objective wood destroying insects inspection of your home. You will be provided with a written report with recommendations if damaging insects are found. 

There is an excellent article here if you'd like to learn more about how termites operate:

Termite colonies can vary in size, including just two termites -- a king and queen -- to a few hundred individuals.
However, mature termite colonies can contain 60,000 to 1 million termites, depending on the type of termite species.

When doing a wood destroying insect inspection we look for the following:

Actual infestations or substantial damage from:​

-  Termites

-  Wood Boring Beetles

-  Carpenter Ants

-  Wood Decay Fungi (Rot)

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Signs of Wood Destroying Insects

These insects may be difficult to see, but they do leave behind tell-tale signs. You may notice signs of termites, such as mud tubes, blisters in wood flooring, droppings (resembling sawdust or coffee grounds), discarded wings or hollow wood. Even if you don't see termites or evidence of termites, every homeowner should have their house inspected annually for termites and other wood destroying insects.

If you’re interested in scheduling a termite inspection, either for your own home or for a home you’re interested in buying, we encourage you to schedule your appointment with us right away. You can also contact us for more details about the termite inspection process, and to get more information about the risks of undisclosed radon issues in your home.

We make every effort to schedule our termite inspections to during the same time as our home inspection. This saves time and energy for the seller and any real estate agents involved in the transaction.

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Let us be your ONE-STOP inspection company

We'll save you 


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