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Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Sell Faster Without Negotiating!

Pre-Listing Home Inspections Can Speed Up The Sales Process. A buyer that knows you have already had the home inspected is going to feel a lot more comfortable making an offer. No one wants to buy a house that has a bunch of hidden issues.


With the inspection in hand, you can demonstrate that the home is in great shape and worth the price you have set. And if there are issues, you can be upfront about them and make it clear that the reasonable price of the home reflects the knowledge of those issues.

prelisting sign.jpg

After your Pre-Listing Inspection we will place a sign (shown above) to let potential buyers know they can trust the major home components are already checked out! Inspection can be paid for by listing agent or seller.

When a potential home buyer texts us we will immediately reply with the inspection report for their on-site viewing. Typically, a buyer will call or text the listing agent to set up a viewing directly after receiving the report!


Our Pre-Listing Inspection covers all FIVE of the major areas of a home that buyers are most concerned with. These are the components of the home that could potentially cost the most to repair or replace. Having these areas inspected may even instill enough confidence in the buyer for them to forego their own detailed inspection, thus saving even more time in the buy-sell process. 

Five ares we will inspect:


Shingle life, holes, cracks, warped shingles, nails popping through shingles, caulking around roof protrusions, chimney and cap, gutters, venting, flashings around chimney and vents, moss or algae growth

HVAC (Heating and A/C)

Temperature readings from each register, visual check of interior of Heating and Cooling cabinets, thermostat function, filters, proper ducting, adequate ventilation of gases


Proper connections, labeling of breakers, sufficient breaker size, sufficient wire size, thermal imaging for wires that are excessive in heat, double-tapping of breakers which can overload circuits, signs of moisture intrusion, scorched wiring, panel is grounded


Water temperature measurement, hot and cold water lines, pressure regulator, drip leg for propane or gas heaters, drip pan in certain applications, proper exhaust ventilation for gas heaters, scorch marks, leaks




Trees growing too closely to foundation, negative draining issues, cracks in masonry, missing mortar, structural framing like floor joists, door and/or windows in area, moisture-realted damage

Let us help YOU to get the most out of your home! Contact us to set up your Pre-Listing Home Inspection. We are excited to help your sale go smoothly.

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